Monday Tennis Results 27th Aug

After an evening of close and competitive tennis the following were the winners:

Group A:  Karen Farrington & Andre Stalenburg

Group B:  Margaret Egan & Paddy Murphy

Congrats to all who took part on the night.

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Singles League Results

Results for the recent Singles Leagues.  Winners: LADIES: A Section: Elaine Frayne B Section: Catherine Walsh C Section: Miriam Simpkin D Section: Jo Daly

MENS: A Section: Jamie Battle B Section: Richie Forbes C Section: Christy Coyne D Section: Alan Windsor


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Friday 28th Aug Tournament Winners

28th Aug Tournament Winners

Winners of our Friday Night Tournament held on 28th August were; Paul Mulhern, Christy Coyne, Richie Forbes and Andre Stalenburg, Angela Wall, Margaret Treacy, Deirdre Shaw, Darya Mattimoe.

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Monday 20th July Winners

Winners Group 1A:  Miriam Simpkin & Pat Farrington

Winners Group 1B:  Paul Mulhern & Richard Flynn

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July 10th New Courts Tournament Results

Section 1:

Winners: Andrew O’Rourke & Eleanor McArdle.     Runners Up: Dariusz Smolski & Elaine Frayne

Section 2:

Winners: Gareth Foran & Rosemary Klyne.    Runners Up: Trish Broderick & Jonathan O’Brien

Section 3:

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