Operation Club Clean-up

On Saturday 24th June a group of volunteers turned up to do a general clean-up on the grounds of the Club.  As many will be aware  the Club no longer has the services on a TUS worker and it is unclear when or indeed if we will be able to secure a replacement.  The grounds, in particular, were showing the signs of a lack of maintenance.  The grass was cut, some of the hedges were trimmed, flowers were planted, rubbish removed from around the courts and weeds attacked.  A lot achieved in a few short hours.

BUT, more still needs to be done and we are hoping for a better response at the next clean-up in a few weeks.  The group who were there last Saturday did trojan work and we owe each of them a huge thank you for donating their time and energies to the Club in responding to the request for volunteers.  To John Murphy, Richard Flynn, Jo Daly, Patricia Sheridan, Karen Farrington, Cliff Webb, Eileen Murphy, Elva Roe and Pat Farrington, a Huge Thank You for all your efforts on the day.  A special thanks to Richard and Jo who ferried bags of grass and hedge clippings to the Recycling Centre, making several trips in Richard’s car.
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