Friday Night Tournament 28th Aug

After a day of squally showers the sun shone for our 32 players on Friday last as they enjoyed competitive and exciting tennis. This event was sponsored by Cleary Electrical and The Barber, Oliver Plunkett Street, Mullingar.

Play began just shortly after 7.30 pm and concluded at 9.30 pm.  The first final saw Margaret Treacy and Angela Wall defeat Helen Gibney and Pauline Kelly in a humdinger of a match which saw long baseline rallies which kept the crowd enthralled.  The first of the Gent’s finals saw high-powered powerful serve and volley tennis as Andre Stalenburg and Richie Forbes defeated Dariusz Smolski and Gareth Foran.  The second of the ladies finals saw victory for Deirdre Shaw and Darya Mattimoe over Nancy Coleman and Richard Flynn.  It was great to see Darya back playing.  The last of our finals saw some scintillating fare as Christy Coyne and Paul Mulhern powered their way to victory over Cliff Webb and Luke Gibbons.  Many thanks to our sponsors and to Patricia who looked after the food.