Mullingar Tennis & Badminton Club

We are fortunate to have a dedicated core of members who work unstintingly to ensure the success and vitality of the Club for the benefit of each and every person who avails of the facilities at the Mullingar Tennis and Badminton Club.

From its very inception Mullingar Tennis and Badminton Club has had members who have made an exceptional contribution to the Club.  These exceptional members have helped the Club in various ways from development, organisation, as ambassadors and distinguished achievers, as well as those that have provided tireless service year in year out, giving freely of their personal leisure time.  Always available to help and participate, they stand as an example of what dedication and service to the Club represents.  To honour those who have given, and continue to give, such exemplary service, the Club has awarded those exceptional members with the title of Honorary Life Members.

The list of Honorary Life  Members is as follows: